See what local North Carolina Dealers have to say about EVs.

North Carolina’s nearly 600 new car and truck dealers stand poised and ready to assist consumers across the state in making the shift to electric.

What our North Carolina dealers are saying...

“Today’s manufacturers have more than 80 new models of EVs and plug-in hybrids set for introduction in North America over the next five years. Additionally, the median range for EVs sold in 2021 is roughly 260 miles. This compares to an average range of only 90 miles in 2015. Advances in battery technology will continue to significantly benefit tomorrow’s EV drivers.”

— Robert Glaser, NCADA President

“EVs are the future of the auto industry”

— Dale Stearns, Stearns Ford Inc.

“Tomorrow’s EVs will shape the transportation future of North Carolina”

— Wayne Thomas, Wayne Thomas Chevrolet

Ready to Plug-in?

Local franchised car and truck dealers are and will always be the best source to buy and service your next EV or plug-in hybrid.