North Carolina Dealers Are All In On Electric Vehicles

NC Dealerships have been selling EVs for more than a decade and with sales increasing dealerships continue to be the best place for consumers to purchase a new vehicle

North Carolina Dealerships

Providing For Local Communities

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Staying Local

When a car is sold at a local dealership, most of the proceeds from that sale go directly back into the local community in the form of wages, capital investments, and charitable giving.

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Lower Prices

Dealer competition ensures North Carolinians almost always get a good price on a new car from a dealer.

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Dealer Services

When cars need to be fixed, North Carolinas new car dealers are often the first stop.  We ensure warranty service is provided, that recalls are completed, and roads are as safe as possible to drive.

See what local North Carolina Dealers have to say about EVs.

North Carolina’s nearly 600 new car and truck dealers stand poised and ready to assist consumers across the state in making the shift to electric.

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*Some manufacturer electric vehicle models coming soon

By The Numbers


New Vehicles Sold by North Carolina Dealers in 2020


New Electric Vehicles Sold in North Carolina

$906 Million

$906 Million in NC State Sales Tax Paid Through Dealers


North Carolina Jobs Created by NC Dealers